Lighting the way

Traffic Signs Inc.

Traffic Signs, Inc., (TSI) is dedicated to providing the best possible fiber optic, light-emitting diode (LED), fluorescent, and internally illuminated traffic signs in the industry at reasonable prices.  We further pledge to shine with timeliness and to provide essential follow-up service.

With many years of sign-making expertise, we have partnered with municipalities, consultants and state department of transportations throughout the United States and Canada.  The team at Traffic Signs, Inc. is constantly striving to provide the best and most innovative solutions to your needs.  We do not just make signs like other companies; we design them from the ground up to be the closest fit for any application.  Our products are spawned in the name of efficiency and quality and meant to be a solution for all traffic needs. 


In conjunction with Traffic Control Corporation and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, we are pleased to have been a part of an innovative project that will work towards reducing traffic collisions on rural roads in Minnesota. The TSI designed Traffic Approaching Sign is designed with field adjustable pulse width modulation dimming control. This feature allows the client to adjust to their environment’s ambient light. Click here to learn more about this new technology.